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Data Center

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Data Center

Performance Guarantee

HeC is able to provide an industry-leading data center performance guarantee through a strategic relationship with SAVVIS (formerly Cable & Wireless America), a global IT Utility provider that leads the industry in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services.

Hosting Environment: 100% Availability
Due to a best-in-class data center design, which includes N+1 redundancy supported by Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), back-up power generators, air handling and cooling, we are able to guarantee an overall hosting environment availability of 100%. 

In addition, the fully redundant and scalable Hosted Area Network (HAN) coupled with the PrivateNAP architecture provides the ultimate in network reliability, allowing HeC to guarantee 100% availability for connectivity from the hosting environment to the Internet.

Systems Availability: 99.9%
HeC achieves the systems availability and performance required in today`s demanding market by building reliability into your systems and architecture and monitoring them using sophisticated tools and a world-class Network Operations Center (NOC).

World-Class Data Center

HeC’s approach allows us to offer our customer an affordable solution with robust performance.

  • Bullet Proof Security / Data Protection
  • High Availability
  • Expandability
  • Superior Networking and Communications
  • Redundancies
       - Power
       - Air Conditioning
       - Network and Communications
  • Backups / Off-Site Storage
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Electronic Motion Sensors
  • ISO 9000 Certified High Availability
  • 100% Network and Hardware Redundancy
  • Unisys ES 7000, Powered by Dell servers
  • Multiple Telecommunications Providers with Ultra High-Speed Connectivity
  • BGP$ for 100% Internet Redundancy
  • Network Intrusion Detection System(s)
  • Server Operations Monitoring
  • Development and Backup Center
  • Tape Subsystem with Off-Site Storage
  • Redundant A/C
  • FM200, PDU, Conditioners, and Generators


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