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Why Outsource


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Why Outsource

Eliminates the burden of paper claims

Health eConnex (HeC) can help you reduce burdensome administrative costs and improve the quality of care delivery by offering technology and services that create and support efficient healthcare data exchanges and interactions. In today’s environment, where changing business, cultural and governmental factors drive your strategic decisions, HeC offers practical outsourcing services for data capture, document management, EDI, and cost containment.

The HeC Advantage

  • Reduces administrative costs and improves the bottom line
    • Costs become predictable
    • Creates economies of scale
    • Reduces capital outlay for in-house solutions
  • No start-up fees or cost to customer for transitioning from one operation to another
  • Frees critical resources allowing a focus on core business and other significant issues
  • HIPAA EDI and security compliance
  • Single source for outsourcing services

Proven Results

  • Guaranteed 99.5% Accuracy       
    Current Actual Rating 99.87%
  • Guaranteed 48-Hour Turnaround Performance
    Current Turnaround 12-24 Hours
  • Proven and Reliable
    In production for more than seven (7) years supporting more than 40 customers and more than 500 users.

More than committed to quality of service, HeC delivers it everyday and enjoys a high-level of customer satisfaction.


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Aggressive cost containment

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