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Plus Services

HeC’s innovative Plus services take outsourcing to the next level and allow customers to maximize their administrative cost savings through the auto adjudication of medical and dental claims, and payment distribution processing that provides ERA / EFT routing and distribution with practice management system integration.

Payment Disbursement

Reduce your cost of claims settlement and become HIPAA compliant at the same time. The payment disbursement service enables medical bill payors to outsource the remittance and remittance advice processing to any provider (doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, etc.) requiring a claim settlement.  This revolutionary, cost-effective remittance solution is a turnkey alternative that allows you to remit and report electronically or in a paper-based medium.

Remittance Processing and Reconciliation

Let HeC show you the benefits of automating your remittance process. Whether remittances come to you on paper or electronically, we can convert your data into an electronic format that your practice management system can use for automated payment posting without manual data entry. Your data is processed, validated, balanced, and formatted efficiently then sent to you automatically - all within 48 hours.

HeC can also show you how to take advantage of their document storage capabilities. If you are unable to post to your practice management system we can provide you with the capability for storing and retrieving your documents inexpensively. You can track your claims, attachments, contracts, EOBs, ERAs, checks, etc. all in a single storage device with immediate access for any of your stored documents. You can retrieve as many of your documents as you like, whenever you like.

Auto Adjudication

The service facilitates the auto adjudication of medical and dental claims, and can reduce processing costs by up to 50%.  Using a rules-based process, the system verifies eligibility, checks deductibles and copays, authorizes the provider, checks pre-authorization requirements, reviews claim history for impact, and performs exhaustive cross-checks before determining the appropriate resolution of each claim.



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