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Universal Services

Used in many different industries by a variety of companies, HeC’s Universal services include paper-to-EDI conversion and enterprise document management.  These services reduce the burden of processing paper forms by transforming paper documents into electronic images and EDI transactions. In addition, integrated document management services manage virtually every kind of document and every stage of the document lifecycle.


Paper-to-EDI services eliminate manual data entry and increase data accuracy while reducing administrative costs.  These services include mailroom, document scanning, data capture, questionable character verification, document indexing, and EDI conversion.

Mailroom Services

Send your documents in bulk or reduce your mailroom expense by routing your mail directly to a HeC post office box. HeC’s mailroom services allow you to rid yourself of opening and sorting headaches while taking advantage of naturally occurring economies of scale.  

Document Scanning

On-site and off-site scanning options are available.  You can further reduce your costs by sending your paper forms to HeC for scanning, or if you choose to maintain control of the physical documents, HeC will install a scanner on-site and you can remotely scan your documents.

Data Capture

HeC’s state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) technology efficiently and accurately extracts the information you specify from your claims, remittance notifications, invoices, forms and documents after they are scanned. The OCR software recognizes machine print, handprint, mark sense, and one and two-dimensional bar codes.

Validation and Indexing

As the information is extracted and captured, business processing rules are applied to check the data for possible errors.  HeC’s staff reviews, validates, and corrects questionable data to ensure accuracy levels exceed 99.5%. After the verification step, documents are indexed and made available for online review.

Convert to EDI

Using advanced data mapping technology, HeC will convert scanned data to a proprietary or standard format, including HIPAA compliant ANSI formats, for downstream processing.  

Document Management

HeC’s enterprise-class integrated document management solution, or IDM, manages virtually every kind of document, and allows you to reduce costs and increase efficiencies associated with a myriad of business processes including claims, attachments, human resources, medical records, billing and collections, expense reporting, electronic report distribution, customer service and e-commerce.

Optical Storage

HeC’s integrated document management solution is built upon a highly evolved web-enabled, client server architecture that leverages the openness and scalability of databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to deliver high performance solutions.

Image Hosting

HeC provides image hosing services and serves as an Application Service Provider (ASP), whereby the document management application is hosted on our server and accessed through a Web browser, thick client, or directly accessed by an enterprise application.

Retrieval – Document Access

HeC places paramount importance on the user experience, and all user activity is performed quickly, consistently and securely by means of one thin or thick client interface. The HeC interface offers several methods of retrieval, including Document Type/Keyword Searching, Foldering, Text Searching, and Full-Text Searching. The Custom Query feature allows the creation of custom templates for specific, frequently conducted searches. HeC’s cross-referencing feature enables users to double-click on an open document and automatically retrieve any related documents regardless of data type.

Customers decide how to display the search results list and what descriptive information to include. Once a document has been retrieved and opened, the interface provides an array of options for viewing (e.g. forms overlay, thumbnails, zoom), annotating (e.g. revisions, mark-up, redaction, notes, Electronic Signatures), revising and distributing (e.g. e-mail, fax, print) the document.

Much more than a repository for archived documents, HeC’s document management solution improves the way organizations perform critical business tasks. One way is by sharing internally generated content among workers. Our workflow module is an extremely powerful, versatile module that routes documents and work according to pre-defined rules or ad-hoc decisions. The workflow module is a completely integrated component and is entirely point-and-click configurable, giving non-programmers an unprecedented ability to design and deploy sophisticated workflow solutions.

Key Features:

Document Access – Thin clients, thick clients or directly accessed by an enterprise application.

Workflow – Automatically routes documents and work in accordance with defined business processes.

COLD – Automatically identifies, compresses, indexes and stores reports and statements that are output from computer systems as printer, COM or text files.

Application Enabler – “Image enables” third-party Windows applications, enabling users to double-click on specified fields and retrieve related documents from within the system.

Back File Conversion – HeC provides a full service back file conversion that allows you to convert documents from other media or document management systems.



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